What do Architects and Interior Designers want when it comes to audio visual integration?

The last thing an Interior Designer or an Architect wants to see is some piece of technology impeding on their beautifully designed space. However, this happens a lot in the commercial sector. Especially when there is no collaboration between the Interior Designer, Architect, and the Audio Visual Designer. No collaboration with the colours, light paths, location, pillars, ambient and mechanical noise, sunlight, security, and privacy. Moreover, this has to be taken into consideration when designing audio visual solutions. However, sometimes the technology chosen simply looks out of place. It certainly does not contribute to audio visual integration. As a result, thus begins the Interior Designers and Clients nightmare.

audio visual integrationCollaboration in the early stages of design-build projects is huge. The benefits are far-reaching. Early communication allows time to design and order the right fit solutions. With time restraints and little or no project collaboration. The audio visual integrator is stuck with what’s readily available to meet the integration deadline.

A good audio visual solutions provider will take into consideration the best fit solution. That will work seamlessly however blends to the room dynamics. Remember, productivity is a function of design and structure. Not just good intentions. By spending more time planning and thinking. This will help clients maximize their productivity of the business environment. It will also result in technology blending into the designed workspace. That is what Architects and Designers want!

Want to collaborate on your project? Collaborate with an experienced audio visual solutions provider. Ask us about our unique 4 step approach to achieving your goals. Simply contact us and we will help you every step of the way. We can help you achieve the ultimate audio visual integration!

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