Barco is the company behind ClickShare. The ultimate wireless presentation and collaboration system in your boardroom. Their av solution allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen. In case you didn’t know, ClickShare has been voted by many to be the most user-friendly wireless presentation system. Most importantly, more than 40% of Global Fortune 1000 companies are currently using this technology.

Meanwhile, Barco has introduced a new level of AV performance in your meeting rooms with the ClickShare 1.5 Firmware update. This Clickshare firmware update will take your meetings to the next level. Deliver stunning presentations. Above all, to impress customers and colleagues. Win any meeting room battle and amaze with your video presentations. Own the meeting. With the smoothest video quality at 30 fps, sharp images and perfect lip syncing. ClickShare is ready to impress your audience. However, at its core, ClickShare stays true to their mission. To bring simplicity and enable seamless, productive and engaged meetings with your audience.

Firmware 1.5 Exclusive Webcast

Amplified Audio Visual Solutions is happy to share an exclusive webcast highlighting new features. Did you miss the event by Barco? Then here’s your chance to discover all about the new product updates. Check out this complete recording, including a stunning lip sync demo.

What’s new in this Firmware upgrade?

  • Stunning AV performance: audio and video in perfect harmony at 30 fps.
  • Start presenting even faster. 30% faster Button connection.
  • Plug & update: simplified, smart update over USB.
  • Mixed mode: guests and employees can share without the hassle of switching networks.
  • Support for auto-discovery. When using the Collaboration Management Suite to manage your ClickShare fleet, automatic discovery of all CSE-units in your network is ensured.

Download and Update Your Firmware

Watch the CS demo

Barco’s Clickshare is a business meeting essential, but what are business meeting essentials? Click here to view our recent blog posting on what are business meeting essentials and how we can help you.

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