Boardroom Audio Visual Systems

What is a boardroom? 

Boardrooms vastly differ from one another. There are many reasons for this. For instance: size, acoustics, ceiling height, user functionality, type of presentation and furniture to mention a few. Having said that, let’s talk about what Amplified AV offers, with respect to boardroom design and functionality. What are the right boardroom audio visual systems?

We take into consideration the user of the room and then look at each of these items independently. From there, we design and put the pieces all together, just like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. It works every time! (if you design it right like we do) Boardroom audio visual systems are key!

Different Boardroom Audio Visual Systems

One of our specific clients required a room the could be used for general presentations, the board of Directors meeting as well as an Emergency Operation Centre. Each of these uses requires different technologies. Of greatest importance, is that the room must be user-friendly, with ease of operation and speedy set-up. To accomplish this, we met and reviewed the room usage with each user in order to come up with a proper design. Ultimately, we instituted a Crestron control system that provides the least amount of button selection.

For instance, should the user select “Presentation mode”, the system automatically turns on the display device, adjusts the shades and lighting in the room as well as selects the source. All this happens upon the press of one button. This was mimicked for other uses of the room such as video conferencing and audio conferencing. This client continues to use this room in these ways for the past few years and is on our list of references.

It makes no difference how big or small your meeting space is. Call us to discover your meeting room potential within your budget. It would be our pleasure to serve you and to have you as one of our many happy customers.

Here are just some of the functions, equipment and operations offered.

  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Microphone Systems & Speakers
  • TVs, Projectors, & Interactive Displays
  • Wireless Presentation Systems
  • Lighting Solutions

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